All of our stallions have a 30 day LFG.

BR AC Impulse Czech

Sire:  Noremac Mohawk (Ironbrook Sun Hawk x Devan Neva)

Dam: Foremost Rockette (Foregone Conclusion x Nemours Pavlova) 

Bay (EeAA), 15.3 hands

DOB:  01/21/97

Stud Fee:  $1000  LFG (Morgan mares only)

Imp is the epitome of "old style" Morgan.  He has small, erect ears, a kind eye, a beautiful dished face, a short back, and the neck for which Morgans are so well-known.  He is very laid back and level headed.  He has a sweet personality and is very playful.  Imp has a "look at me" attitude and draws attention wherever he goes, be it a show, trail ride, or beach ride.  He stands 15.3 hands tall. 

Imp is in training for dressage and is doing very well.  He also drives and has jumped.  He is willing to do anything that is asked of him and is very quick to learn.  He loves to go to the beach and play in the ocean.   

DRFM Heir Apparent

Sire:  Tedwin Topic (Fiddler's Contender x Waseeka Cajun Queen)

Dam: Roseridge Enola Gay (Brookdale Reginald x Sunrich Sonic) 

Bay (EeAA) , 14.3 hands

DOB:  07/01/97

Stud Fee:  $1000  LFG (Morgan mares only)

"T" is living proof that good things come in small packages.  He stands 14.3 hands tall, but seems much bigger as he carries himself like a big horse.  He has small ears and a kind, expressive eye.  "T" is very well mannered and seems more like an older gelding than a young stallion! 

"T" is getting a late start with his training, but he is a very quick study and willing student.  He has come so far in such a short time.  This guy is a real head turner and is going to do great things.   

BNWD Moonlight Silhouette 

Sire:  Winter Moon Enlightenment (CW's Sterling Silver x Season's Ebony Lark)

Dam: Bluevue Silhouette (WCM Frederick Morgan x Wayward Wonder)

Gray (EeaaGg) 

DOB:  05/09/03

Stud Fee: $1000 LFG (Morgan mares only)

"Moon" has it all; conformation, movement...and color as an added bonus!  He turns heads everywhere he goes and is often described as "the perfect horse" or "a breyer horse".  "Moon" has incredible action; a lot of hock action and incredible reach.  Trainers have described his gaits as "springy" and "floaty" and have said that he'll be able to do about any discipline with his conformation, movement, and willingness to do anything. 

Moon will begin training for driving in the near future.  Once he is old enough to start under saddle, we hope he'll excel as a hunter and/or dressage horse. 



BNWD Wiccan Whamunition

Sire:  Tug Hill Whamunition (Wham Bam Command x Fiddler's Majesta) 

Dam: Whitemud Victoria Regina (Nostradamus x LCP Pure Elegance)

Bay (EeAa)

DOB:  02/17/04

Stud Fee: $1000 LFG (Morgan mares only)

"Whammy" is all we had hoped for in this cross.  He has such a kind temperment and is very easy to work with.  He learns very quickly and seems to enjoy his lessons.  We are hoping "Whammy" will do well in the park world, both under saddle and in harness.  "Whammy's" sire has one of the most impressive show records in Morgan history, holding 11 World Championship titles.

BNWD Scandalous Affair

Sire:  Amberfields Desperado (Springtown Champagne x Andrew's Misty Dream)

Dam: Jen-Don Spiced Rum (Springtown Amos x Kentview Fancy Free)

Smoky cream (EeaaCrCr)

DOB:  05/04/04

Stud Fee: $1000 LFG (Morgan mares only)

"Scandal" is one of the sweetest, most laid back horses I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  He has never displayed any aggression or negative attitude.  He seems to learn by watching the other horses do things!  He is a very big boy...he'll probably reach 16 hands.  "Scandal" will be used for dressage and/or hunter.  This guy is "tall, light, and handsome".  He's going to be a great stud to breed to for palominos, smokey blacks and buckskins; not only will he throw color 100% of the time, but if he passes on his disposition then he just can't be beat. 

Niobrara Inspiration

Sire:  Greentree Bonniejohn (Orcland John Darling x Bonita Graham)

Dam: Fifi Eager (Topside Eager Beaver x Fifi Correll)

Liver chestnut (ee_a), 15.2 hands

DOB:  06/08/80

Stud Fee: $750 LFG (Morgan mares only)

"Spirit" is such a well-mannered horse; you can easily forget he's a stallion.  He turned 26 this year (2006) and he was bred to 2 mares and inpregnated them both on the first breeding.  "Spirit" has nice movement, great temperment, and nice conformation. This guy has the smallest, tippiest ears I've ever seen. "Spirit" has some dental problems so getting/keeping weight on him can be difficult. Even at 27 years of age he still canters, bucks and plays while in the pasture. 


BNWD Lethal Weapon

Sire:   Whitmorr Law and Order (Cedar Creek Legality x Troutbrook Pamela D)

Dam:  Concealed Weapon (Savage Arms x Brentwood Lady Magic)

Bay (EeAa)

DOB:  04/10/07

Standing in 2010

"Lethal" is all we had hoped for, and more, from this cross.  He is just as handsome as can be...and he's as sweet as he is cute.  He is very bold and independent.  He has nice movement and is very upheaded.  He is a big boy and is very balanced.   Lethal probably has the biggest, kindest, most expressive eye I've ever seen...I could look at his head/face all day and never get tired of looking at him! 

BNWD Special Delivery

Sire:    MCG Standing Ovation (Futurity's Macho Man x Tabitha's Katheryn)

Dam:  Windrider Cheri Mia (Reland Big Eddy x King's Top Lady)

Color:  Chestnut (ee__)

DOB:   05/14/07

Standing in 2010

"Special" was quite a surprise foal.  When his dam came to us, we were told that she had been checked by a repro vet and was definitely not in foal and, in fact, had some reproduction problems.  "Special" is a very handsome, typy boy and is as friendly as he is handsome.  He has a beautiful, big trot and a nice balanced canter.  After losing Special's dam, we've made the decision to retain Special for a future stallion at Benwood.  He's very conformationally correct and he has his dam's wonderful temperment...not to mention he's nicely bred and has those gorgeous, flaxen locks. 


BNWD Thor Av Bilskimir

Sire:    Niobrara Inspiration (Greentree Bonniejohn x Fifi Eager)

Dam:  Whitemud Victoria Regina (Nostradamus x LCP Pure Elegance)

Color:  Chestnut (ee__)

DOB:   06/08/08

Standing in 2011

"Thor" is truly more than we had dreamed of from this cross.   He is an absolutely beautiful horse with great movement and an incredible personality.  He really uses  his hocks, even at a young age.  He has the prettiest head and a kind, expressive eye.  Thor is very independent and loves to be the center of attention.