About Us


Benwood Morgan Stables has been in business since 1999.  We named our stable after our first Morgan horse, MSM Benwood.  After owning a Morgan, we fell in love with the beauty and kind temperment of the breed. 

As a breeder, our goal is to produce quality Morgans suitable for a variety of disciplines; the color is just the icing on the cake.  It is our hope to promote colored Morgans as just as capable, suitable, and desirable as the base colored Morgans.  We have carefully selected our horses for their bloodlines (genotype) and their looks (phenotype), as we believe that both are equally important for a strong breeding program.

Our horses are suitable for such disciplines as park, classic pleasure, western pleasure, in-hand, dressage, hunter, and more.  We study the horse and let the horse tell us for which discipline s/he would best be suited.

If you see a mare you'd like bred to a particular stallion, let us know.  We are always open to "on farm" leasing of most of our mares, to be bred to either our stallions or an outside stallion.