Bluevue Silhouette

Sire:  WCM Frederick Morgan (UVM Flash x Fancealect)

Dam: Wayward Wonder (Wil-O-Mor June Lad x Major's Lass)

DOB:  04/18/85

Color:  Black (EEaa)

"Lady" is such a gem--she's always a sweetie, no matter what.  You haven't seen a trot until you've seen this girl trot; it's just breathtaking.  She has an extended trot to die for...and she's passed on this trot to all of her foals, to date.  "Lady" has always been used as a broodmare, but if she would have went into the showring she would have done very well.  In February, 2006 "Lady" fractured her knee in two places and did a great deal of other damage to her knee. Although Lady has recovered nicely from her injuries (much to the amazement of her surgeon), we've decided to retire Lady from breeding. We may do embryo transfer in the near future but, for now, Lady is living a life of leisure...and enjoying it!

BNWD Footloose Nfancyfree

Sire:  Mac's Littlebritches (Mac's Baby x Golden Judy) 

Dam: Jen-Don Spiced Rum (Springtown Amos x Kentview Fancy Free)

DOB:  05/05/01

Color:  Palomino (eeAaCrcr)

We were so lucky to find "Fancy".  We bought her as an untouched two year old.  She was always very respectful, just leary of humans.  She is now such a sweet, friendly horse.  And what a looker!  "Fancy" is very calm and takes new things in stride.  She moves nicely. "Fancy" is foal to Menomin Flash Dancer for a 2008 foal and we're looking forward to this foal.  We're hoping for a sabino.

Whitemud Victoria Regina

Sire:  Nostradamus (Noble Flaire x Beams Victoria)

Dam: LCP Pure Elegance (Tedwin Topic x Saralin's Consorte)

DOB:  04/19/96

Color:  Chestnut (eeAa)

"Tori" is such a character.  She has a sweet, strong personality.  She loves people and will come running across ten acres if she sees or hears a person. She is nicely bred and her first foal was more than we had hoped for.  "Tori" has been bred to Niobrara Inspiration for a 2008 foal.   "Tori" has some reproductive problems and has only carried one foal to term so we're keeping our fingers crossed that this foal will be carried to term. 

BR AC Double Trouble

Sire:  Noremac Mohawk (Ironbrook Sun Hawk x Noremac Patience)

Dam: Inglemist Airadaisy (Prince Cobra x Daisy Jo)

DOB:  08/06/99

Color:  Buckskin  (EeAaCrcr)

Although "Trouble" is small she seems much bigger.  She has a pretty little head and a nice, full mane and tail.  "Trouble" is very calm and has a good head on her shoulders.  She is a nice mover.  After only having someone on her back twice, she allowed a three year girl to ride her on numerous occasions without so much as a flick of her tail.  "Trouble" is in foal to Niobrara Inspiration for a repeat breeding of  her 2007 foal.  We were so happy with the resulting foal we decided to repeat the breeding. 

April's Ultimatum

Sire:  Noremac Mohawk (Ironbrook Sun Hawk x Noremac Patience)

Dam: Bluevue Silhouette (WCM Frederick Morgan x Wayward Wonder)

DOB:  04/01/00

Color:  Seal Brown  (EeAa)

"April" is a gorgeous mare.  You have to see her move to believe it--she got this from her dam.  She has so much action, carries herself well, and always has her tail flagged.  She takes everything well and is a pleasure to be around.   April may be bred to BNWD Scandalous Affair for a 2008 foal.

BNWD Charismatic Heir

Sire:  DRFM Heir Apparent (Tedwin Topic x Roseridge Enola Gay)

Dam: BR AC Double Trouble (Noremac Mohawk x Inglemist Airadaisy)

DOB:  06/02/05

Color:  Bay (EeAA)

"Charisma" is to be retained for a future broodmare.  This little girl is the sweetest foal I've ever seen.  She loves people and would prefer human company even to her own mama.  She's such a pretty thing and, to date, I haven't found anything that upsets or scares her. I'm looking forward to riding Charisma in 2008.

BNWD Freya Av Vanir

Sire:   BR AC Impulse Czech (Noremac Mohawk x Foremost Rockette)

Dam:  Jen-Don Spiced Rum (Springtown Amos x Kentview Fancy Free)

DOB:   01/26/06

Color:  Palomino  (eeA_Crcr)

We hadn't planned to keep this foal but, after seeing her at birth, we think she'll be a great addition to our broodmare herd when she is older.  She is an extremely friendly, independent little girl.  She has a beautiful, floating trot and just draws your attention.  "Freya" is very typy, just a solid chunk of a horse.