In Memoriam

I watched you slowly fade away
I tried so hard to make you stay.
But God was watching from above
And took you home to share his love.
God knew that you were suffering
And the hills were hard to climb
So he closed your weary eyelids
And whispered "Peace Be Thine."
Your memory is my keepsake
From which I shall never part
God has you in his keeping
I have you in my heart.

--author unknown


The Secret

My time's come my dear,
As it comes for us all
Hug me close one last time
As I lay in my stall
I feel you shudder,
But there's no need to cry
I'll tell you the secret of why horses die
I go to a pasture that's
Far away and above,
But know that we're forever
Bound by our love
I'll make hoof prints to heaven
So you'll find your way,
Wear the path smooth to
Keep you from wandering astray
I'll carry your guardian angel nearby,
With my wings wipe the tears from
Your soul when you cry,
If you're ever alone,
Or your life's hard to lead,
Close your eyes and remember
Me, your eternal steed,
Who awaits, at the gates
To carry you home
So the last journey you make
Is not made alone On my golden hooves we'll gallop,
And on silver wings fly,
Yes, this is the secret
Of why horses die.


-By Annamaria Tadlock

Jen-Don Spiced Rum


 Sire:  Springtown Amos (Justin Knox x Rose Hill Pistachio)

Dam: Kentview Fancy Free (Cajun Pepper x Hi Mist Fudge Sundae)

May 20, 1994-August 10, 2006

BNWD Just N Impulse

Sire:  BR AC Impulse Czech (Noremac Mohawk x Foremost Rockette)

Dam:  Bluevue Silhouette (WCM Frederick Morgan x Wayward Wonder)

June 2, 2005-October 27, 2006

Windrider Cheri Mia

Sire:    Reland Big Eddy (Troutbrook Playboy x Holly Bob's Darling)

Dam:   King's Top Lady (Cinnamon King x Star Lite April)

DOB:   05/28/89


BNWD Deja Vu   

Sire:    DRFM Heir Apparent (Tedwin Topic x Roseridge Enola Gay)

Dam:  April's Ultimatum (Noremac Mohawk x Bluevue Silhouette)Color:  Bay (E_AAt)

April 26, 2006-June 2, 2009